OnePlus 6T leaked, here is what we know so far.

OnePlus 6 has the new predecessor and it called OnePlus 6T. A newly leaked render has provided some insight into how would the new OnePlus 6T look like. This new form is expected to be launched in early October with a price tag of roughly C$650. The render was shared SlashGear from of Weibo user showing this new handset featuring a thin bezel display with three camera sensors at the back.

Photo Credit: SlashGear/ Weibo

The fingerprint sensor is missing on the front which makes us wonder where would it be placed or if that would be replaced by a new technology. OnePlus 6T will be sold as an unlocked phone as it has been the case with the previous devices. However, this year OnePlus has partnered with a US career T Mobile and will be selling cell phone devices directly to the career and also available to purchase via monthly financing. This should hopefully make 6T more affordable and widely available to most US customers.

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